LyfeLens connects your smartphone with your car, giving you the peace of mind knowing exactly what’s happening in and around your vehicle, whether you’re in the car or not.  LyfeLens’ full feature set includes:

  • HD video recording and live streaming
  • GPS-enabled speed and location monitoring
  • 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot
  • Motion/sound detection
  • Impact/collision detection
  • iOS/Android mobile app
  • Secure, cloud storage of footage and trip data
  • Fast, simple installation and setup

Video quality is 1080p using Sony CMOS image sensors which are excellent for all light conditions.

The 4G LTE Wifi hotspot allows you and your passengers to keep your smartphones, tablets, and laptops connected while you’re on the go. You can stream music during your commute, passengers can stream movies and TV shows, stay current on their favorite social networks, or even get work done on the road.

Yes, you can. The 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot allows to keep your gadgets connected while you’re on the go, allowing to stream music & videos or stay current on your social networks.

Yes, heat was one of the biggest considerations in our engineering. Temperature inside cars can reach above 140° F. LyfeLens will function normally in temperatures up to 160° F.

The LyfeLens app pairs seamlessly with your LyfeLens device to keep you connected to your car at all times.  It provides a user interface for:

  • Setting up and configuring the device
  • Receiving push notifications
  • Viewing live video feeds
  • Accessing archived footage (internal or cloud)
  • Tracking, categorizing, and reporting mileage
  • Changing settings such as notification settings and geolocation parameters
  • Locating your parked vehicle
  • Deactivating device
  • Managing your LyfeLens account details

While we are still finalizing some of the technical aspects of LyfeLens, rest assured that battery life is one of our top priorities. Through utilization of Standby and Active modes, LyfeLens’ internal battery should be able to hold a charge over multiple days of regular use. LyfeLens will be charged through the D/C power outlet in the user’s vehicle with a micro-USB cable provided in the box.

LyfeLens sends push notifications to your phone that provide instant access to features such as live video feeds, vehicle location and speed, etc.  These notifications are sent based on customizable trigger events, such as if your car:

  • Has unsafe or suspicious activity inside or nearby
  • Is being stolen or vandalized
  • Is being driven at unsafe or excessive speeds
  • Is travelling outside of an area you define
  • Is hit in the parking lot while unattended
  • Is in an accident when you’re not driving

While LyfeLens will provide superior functionality as a dash cam without a subscription plan, the full LyfeLens experience requires a subscription.  The subscription activates the 4G LTE connection and the web portal, which are necessary to support push notifications, WiFi hotspot, automatic cloud storage, live video feeds, and speed and location monitoring. Although we’re still negotiating with carriers to get the lowest possible rates, we anticipate the subscription will be between $19-29/month.

We’re developing the product with GSM-based data connectivity so that LyfeLens can be used worldwide!

LyfeLens can be used as a superior functionality dash cam without a subscription plan; having Dual facing cameras with 1080p HD Video to monitor inside and outside, automatic activation when driving, impact/collision detection, internal battery, and 24/7 monitoring. The subscription activates the 4G LTE connection and the web portal to send you push notifications, automatic cloud storage, live feeds, speed & location monitoring and WiFi hotspot.

We're negotiating with carriers now, and looking into the ability for you to use a SIM directly from your provider.

Pre-ordering LyfeLens guarantees that you get the absolute lowest price before we begin selling LyfeLens for the full retail price of $349.

Your card is charged at the time of checkout to ensure your LyfeLens unit is reserved for you and only you! When you pre-order you have the peace of mind that you won't get stuck on a waitlist - and you enjoy awesome additional savings. Plus, you'll be among the first to receive your LyfeLens!

We will begin shipping orders in Spring 2016. We will reach out to you 30-60 days prior to verify your desired shipping address.

We're planning on shipping in Spring 2016.

We sincerely believe that nobody will want to miss out on LyfeLens, and we want to have you on board to provide feedback, insight, and ideas as we get closer to shipping. If you do need to cancel your order, you can do so within 60 days of placing it. Once you receive the product, you will have 30 days to evaluate the product, and return it if no longer desired. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for shipping, and the product must not have any visible damage and must be in working condition.