We have a bunch of updates to cover, as well as some extra perks we’re throwing in for all pre-order customers, so let’s jump right in.


We’ve had some people inquire about a few specific product specifications.  To avoid any confusion or misinformation, we’ve held off on releasing specific details until we confirm their inclusion in the final production model.  So a few quick component updates for the technically inclined out there… 

  • LyfeLens uses an Ambarella A12 SoC, which is the same brand of processor GoPro® uses in their cameras.
  • LyfeLens uses Sony® CMOS image sensors, which provide high-quality video in varying light conditions.
  • LyfeLens has 4GB 32-bit Samsung® DDR3L RAM

Regarding mobile data and connectivity, LyfeLens will operate on GSM (3G) & LTE (4G) bands.  We will offer a subscription option directly through LyfeLens for the connectivity and cloud storage.  We are exploring the possibility of users obtaining a SIM from their existing cell carriers for use with LyfeLens.  There are a lot of compatibility and service reliability aspects to account for on this front, so we’re making sure all bases are covered before making the final decision.

On the software side of things, the LyfeLens mobile app and web portal accommodate both general consumers and commercial applications. 

    • Individuals can add a single LyfeLens unit to their account and receive notifications for that device alone. Families can add multiple LyfeLens devices to their account and set different account access levels for each family member to receive notifications, change settings, etc.  Some examples here would be getting notifications if a spouse or child is in an accident, or a parent being notified of a teen driver exceeding defined speed parameters.
    • Fleet managers can add multiple LyfeLens devices to a corporate account to view and manage all vehicles from one place. Real-time notifications and monitoring allow fleet administrators to see real-time insights for their vehicles.  Fleet administrators can be assigned varying levels of account access to view and manage different aspects of the account.  Mileage data and route history can be accessed from the web portal and exported for reporting purposes.


The key differentiator LyfeLens brings to the table is the real-time connectivity.  This element opens up a host of opportunities for re-thinking the way we interact with our vehicles.  From a technical standpoint, this connectivity means that LyfeLens has to be connected to internet everywhere in order to provide the ultimate experience.  The LyfeLens subscription provides the mobile data connection and cloud storage that makes LyfeLens the superior product in this space. 

To show our appreciation, and how awesome we think you are, everyone that has pre-ordered will be receiving 3 MONTHS FREE of the subscription.  We want to make sure that every customer gets to experience LyfeLens in the fullest capacity.  This also gives you the opportunity to be one of the first people to influence what goes into future updates of the LyfeLens app and web portal.


The question of the hour:  When do I get to hold it? 

When we opened up for pre-orders earlier this year, it allowed to be in a position to push for larger and higher quality production runs as soon as product development was completed by having an increasing quantity committed right out of the gate.  Our anticipated timeline from the beginning has been late Fall 2015 (November-ish), to beat the inevitable delays that come up once you get into the holiday season. 

As we’ve gone through the engineering process, and continually learning more about you and how people and businesses will be using LyfeLens, we’ve invested more time into certain aspects of development than we initially anticipated.  There have been some tough calls to make along the way, always working to deliver a premium product while pushing for an increasingly aggressive production timeline.

Ultimately, we put ourselves into your shoes and decided that the best scenario would be to have a product that delivers a top-notch experience, even if that came at the cost of a delayed timeline. 

That being said, we’re adjusting our timeline (ugh, it kills us to have to do that), which will put us through the hectic holidays.  With the delays that come with holidays here in the US, and then holidays in Asia affecting some of our engineering team, our new timeline puts us fulfilling pre-orders in the Spring (April/May-ish). 


As you may have noticed already, the $199 pre-order price is no longer available.  We wanted to reward our earliest adopters with the biggest savings, and we believe everyone that has pre-ordered already and has followed us up to this point has shown their support in the most tangible way possible. 

We will continue to accept pre-orders for a limited time, however the price has increased to $249.  You may have also noticed that the MSRP has increased from $299 to $349, which means everyone who pre-ordered at the $199 price has saved an additional $50 compared to when LyfeLens hits the streets. 

Also, remember that everyone who has pre-ordered has a dedicated referral link to share with friends, family, social networks, strangers on the street, etc.  This link links back to you directly, and we'll send you $20 for each person who pre-orders through that link.  Some people have already received more in referral bonuses than they paid for their pre-order to begin with! 

If you lost your referral link, send us a quick email to info@lyfelens.com and we can send it to you again. 


Last, but certainly not least…  We know that most of you are itching to get your hands on your LyfeLens and start playing with it.  In light of the updated timeline, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get early access to the mobile app and web portal.  This also means you’ll be able to provide us with critical feedback on your experience that will help us shape the final version we release to the general public. 

We’re opening this up exclusively to people and businesses who have pre-ordered LyfeLens, as we want to get solid feedback from those who see the value LyfeLens brings to the table and plan to use it in their everyday lives. 

If you’re interested in participating, click the link below to provide us with some basic info, and we’ll keep you updated on accessing the Test Drive. 

Click here to apply for:  LyfeLens Test Drive


As we mentioned already, we greatly appreciate each and every one of you for joining us on this journey.  Technology moves at such a breakneck pace these days, and us “bleeding edge” types are always anxious to be at the forefront of the next big app, product, technology, etc. 

If you have any questions about this update, or anything LyfeLens related, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media. 

Thanks for being awesome! 

Allen Stone & Niko Stoenescu, Co-Founders

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